Partnership for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Folklore

(Formerly American Friends of Russian Folklore)

Expeditions in summer 2022!

We’ve scheduled 5 amazing folklore trips and expeditions for July and August of 2022.

Yes, the dice of plague and politics are still rolling on the table, but that doesn’t mean we can’t plan for better times.

Times to travel to Kazakhstan to collect legends of the landscape, to Russia to ask why Christians, Hindus and neo-pagans all want to pray at the same place, to Siberia to observe the dynamic as an older generation’s songs and dances become repertoire for village folk ensembles.

So click that “expeditions” button in the upper right corner, take a look, and hope for the best. And stay in touch!

Why Collect Folklore?

You’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.

What kinds of mischief are witches accused of ? If people have Youtube do they stop singing their old songs? What kinds of urban legends do Russians tell? Are young people interested in old rituals? How do you make vodka from birch sap? Where do you go to find out?


Our expedition volunteers record, film and photograph folklore traditions and the people who are the tradition-bearers. They work under the direction of expert local folklorists who gladly share their knowledge. The field recordings end up in scholarly archives to be preserved for future generations. 


No luxury hotel, no swimming pool, no fancy restaurant.


Great home-made hosptality. Spectacular scenery. Immersion in village life. And improvement to your global vision.

Here’s what our volunteers say…

The hospitality of people in the villages was amazing. C.O. 2019

I felt that my work made a real contribution. And I loved everyone we met in Verkh-Uimon. I’m dying to get back. All the babushki we interviewed were lovely. Our hostess was wonderful. She let us use the internet from the tractor outside the house. L.P. 2018

This trip was the best planned trip I have ever been on in Russia. It was amazing how smoothly it all went. The best part was being allowed to interview one of the villagers on topics of interest to me. The worst part was having to say goodbye to everyone on our last day. It was wonderful how many people came to see us off.
M.M. 2019

Interviewing trumps all; it was fantastic hearing women recount their stories. And swimming in the Dvina for a break was very nice. S.K. 2013