Online Class in Ukrainian Folklore

This introduction to the traditional songs, stories, arts, superstitions, rituals and worldview of Ukrainians is a joint project between two distinguished professional folklorists: Dr. Lyudmila Ivaniikova (lecturer) and Dr. Yelena Minyonok (translator).

Dr. Ivannikova will share materials collected over her decades of field research as she examines the nature and role of folklore past and present, both in the life of the community and in the hearts of those who sing, dance, play, speak, listen, and create in traditional forms.

The live, illustrated lectures will be offered online, via Skype, at 8 pm Moscow time. Recordings of lectures will be available to enrolled students.


  1. Introduction to folklore
  2. Ukrainian winter rituals.
  3. Ukrainian spring rituals.
  4. Ukrainian summer rituals.
  5. Ukrainian wedding.
  6. Ukrainian funeral.
  7. Ukrainian fairy tales, memorates and fabulates.
  8. Ukrainian lyric songs.


Lecture 1 – June 9 (Thursday)

Lecture 2 – June 13 (Monday)

Lecture 3 – June 16 (Thursday)

Lecture 4 – June 20 (Monday)

Lecture 5 – June 23 (Thursday)

Lecture 6 – June 27 (Monday)

Lecture 7 – June 30 (Thursday)

Lecture 8 – July 2 (Saturday)

Time: 8:00 pm Moscow time

Platform: Skype

fee: $75

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