Okunevo – place of power, spirit and mystery

Okunevo (population 265) looks like an ordinary Russian village on the banks of an ordinary Russian river. But along with the usual Orthodox chapel, Okunevo has a Babaji ashram. And it is a place of pilgrimage for a wide range of seekers- Hindu, Orthodox, neopagan, new-age, mystics of all sorts– who speak of visions, energies, underground temples, gates to parallel worlds, UFOs, and mysteriously glowing skies. So why does all this happen here, and not in the next little Russian village? Join University of Chelyabinsk professor Tatiana Savelieva and her undergraduate folklore students as they interview locals and pilgrims in an attempt to understand how places are sacralized, how legends are born.

Note: this expedition was originally scheduled for July, 2020. It has been moved to August 2020. Exact dates will be posted when available.

Photo by Maxim Sher