Scholarly Articles

Here is a selection of published scholarly articles based on the field research carried out on our expeditions. All materials are used here by permission.

Minyonok, Yelena Viktorovna

Ukrainian Songs from a Taiga Village

This article presents field recordings of songs from the Ukrainian song tradition of the Khmelnitskii region. The songs were preserved by the gifted singer Anna Ivanovna Kuyava (Bernot) born in 1930 and living more than 60 years in the village of Tagna, in the Zalarinskii district, Irkustk province, Siberia. The singer’s repertoire includes a wide range of genres. The performances preserve the original modal features and rich melismata of Ukrainian folk song. Originally published in Zhivaya Starina, 2022.

Minyonok, Yelena Viktorovna

Folk Song as a “Witness” to the Ethnic History of the Descendants of Stolypin Migrants

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