Welcome to our Russian Folklore Collection! This is the place to explore our findings from past expeditions. We’ve organized our pictures, recordings, videos, and writings by location.

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Folklore Archive

  • Malanca in Rural Moldova

    Moldova, Ocniţa district, Clocuşna and nearby villages January 2019 Principle Investigator: Dr. Svetlana Sorokina In parts of rural Moldova, the old calendar Christmas season is vigorously celebrated with a mix... Read More

  • Batama singers

    Russia, Irkutsk Province

    Zima District, Batama village June 2008Principal Investigator: Dr. Yelena Minyonok During July 2008, American Friends of Russian Folklore led an expedition to record songs and folklore of Siberian villages.  Click... Read More

  • Belarus, Brest province

    Pruzhany and Byarozava districts, Kabaki and Soshitsy villages August 11-22, 2011Principle Investigator: Dr. Yelena Minyonok Our 2011 expedition to southwest Belarus reflected the lasting impact of a bloody and turbulent... Read More

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