Travel to the borderlands of Romania to study how modernization and traditional belief intertwine in 21st-century rural life.  During your three-week stay, cultural anthropologists Professor James M. Nyce and Alexandra Cotofana Ph.D. will teach the basics of conducting fieldwork interviews (through a translator) in historic Su├žeava County.  This fieldwork will include interviews with a variety of magical figures (often called witches, folk healers, or shamans), their clients and families as well as members of the communities in which these different figures live.  

This will be their fifth visit to the region.  Guidance will be provided to college students to arrange credit  (6-8 hours) through their home universities.

About college credit:

This study trip comes in two options:  two weeks and three weeks.  Past experience strongly suggests that those requiring college credit should enroll for the three-week option.  The extra week in the field helps to insure that you will be able to earn 6-8 college credits through your home university. (We will provide guidance on arranging this.)

About This Expedition

  • Location:

    Arbore village, Suceava County, Romania

Meet The Team

  • Dr. Alexandra Cotofana

  • Dr. James Nyce