Our 2010 expedition to the Siberian village of Turgenevka continued our exploration and documentation of villages established over one hundred years ago as part of the Stolypin reforms.  One hundred years ago, a significant part of the population from the Central and South parts of Russian Empire moved out to Siberia with the hope of creating a better economic life for their families.  This expedition documented Belorusian folklore, mythology and heritage preserved in the Siberian village Turgenevka, founded by settlers from Belarus in 1909.

One participant observed:

As a non-Russian speaker, I was given the opportunity to document the singers, homes, traditional clothing, historical items, and village life through photography.  This in turn allowed me to see first hand Russian hospitality, humor, and a communal approach to life which would be impossible to experience any other way.

Our team in Turgenevka

About This Expedition

  • Dates:

    July 17, 2010 to August 6, 2010

  • Location:

    Turgenevka village, Bayandaievskii district, Ust-Orda Autonomic region, Irkutsk province, Russia