About Us

We are American Friends of Russian Folklore, a California nonprofit public benefit corporation and a 501(c)(3) organization.

AFRF’s mission is to support and promote American understanding of Russian traditional life and culture. To this end, AFRF supports a wide range of projects: field research, recordings, film making, archiving, and analysis of Russian folklore and oral histories. We also support educational and cultural presentations at universities, conferences, and festivals.

Russian folklore is a lovely thing in itself, filled with marvelous sounds, words, colors, rituals –but we think it has a broader role to play on the world stage.Even though the cold war is officially over, all those decades of confrontation left Russians and Americans in a state of mutual ignorance, full of distrust towards each other. To move to a better relationship, we need to understand each other. And what better way to understand a people than to understand what lies at the very roots of their culture?

We invite you to join us however you can –whether it be signing up for an expedition, making a donation, or just telling people about us. Every contribution supports scholarly research, documents vanishing folkways, and promotes world understanding. We think that’s quite a deal.

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