Okunevo – place of power, spirit and mystery

Okunevo (population 265) is not your usual Russian village. For starters, it has a Hindu ashram. There is also a Russian Orthodox chapel. And a glade dedicated to the Slavic pagan god Perun. Okunevo is holy ground for a wide range of believers — Hindus, Orthodox, neopagans, new-agers, Krishnas, mystics of all sorts– who speak of visions, energies, underground temples, gates to parallel worlds, UFOs, and mysteriously glowing skies. So why here, in Okunevo, and not in the next village over? Join University of Chelyabinsk professor Tatiana Savelieva and her undergraduate folklore students as they interview locals and pilgrims to understand how places are sacralized, how legends are born.

The team will stay in shared rooms, with electricity and indoor plumbing, in an Okunevo guest house. All expedition members assist with the cooking and cleanup after meals. The Russian college students on the team are likely to range from 18-20 years old, having just finished their first year at university. For most this will be their first experience collecting folklore in the field.

expedition rendezvous / ending point
Chelyabinsk, Omsk province, Russia

Okunevo ashram

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